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Underwater Inferno – A Blaze Of Colourful Love!

Underwater Inferno – A Blaze Of Colourful Love!

The blessing of an underwater marriage conducted by a turtle with flames of love had links to the Elvis songs, Burning Love and Viva Las Vegas because of the idea of a marriage ceremony. This made me think of the wedding chapel in Las Vegas and then the Little Mermaid song, Under The Sea just had to join in.

It was a fun one to create and definitely musical. I had nicknamed it with the working titles of Hunka, Hunka Burning Love – Viva Las Vegas Under The Sea but dropped these in case of copyright issues. 

I had set out on creating this painting as an abstract when my eldest expressed that it then looked like an underwater seascape and I should add a turtle and fish – my abstract wandered off at that point and sea dragons and a turtle floated in but with colour, flames of fire and me singing Elvis and Little Mermaid songs in my head for a few days.

So my intention of an abstract left the building (Elvis has left…), weedy and leafy Australian sea dragons and a Green sea turtle entered the scene, and then my title did a flit! Talk about changeable.

At least it matches a style with another painting in the title stakes – Sunset Inferno, which is a landscape abstract. I had spent the time singing Disco Inferno in my head for that one.

58 x 58 cm acrylic paint & spray paint mix
Completed 07.05.2017, sun right photography
© Catriona Cameron
Colourful Cat Creations Switzerland

Available to buy and as derived products.

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