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Anticipation! with Holi Dehli

My latest comical styled 58 x 58 cm acrylic on canvas painting 18.06.15.

This was inspired by the water splash from when Bond falls from the train at the start of Skyfall. I had photographed the TV and then started giggling. My husband asked why and I replied that I’d thought of this painting – an elephant jumping into water with the splash occurring before the elephant lands – similar to the explosion in the painting, 13th Century Crow.

The elephant has been named today based on the multi wordplay possibilities of the Nellie the Elephant song, the colours of Holi, reference to an Indian elephant and Halle Berry, just because the last one rhymes.

Essentially the painting is all about having fun and doing the unexpected and looking at things in a different way, but with anticipation. I hope you will enjoy it, it makes me laugh.


Available to buy as derived products.  All rights reserved by copyright holder.

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