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Daily Archives: September 23, 2019

The Madeleine Nebula

My daughters helped out on Mother’s Day in 2017 by spraying the backdrop to some canvases and it was my eldest daughter, Madi who created the backdrop for this painting and hence why it got this title.  It is one of my most simplistic styled paintings, but to me it didn’t need much to look […]


The Illuminating Eye Of Abstract

From an original spray painted yellow backdrop, this painting evolved into some abstract eye. In the other 3 rotations, it looks like some weird clown fish, a gnome or as, my daughter, Madi thinks, a wolf. I signed it one way and then decided I liked this horizontal version best for a portfolio photo. Another […]


Lady Lightning In The Poppy Garden With The Moon

An interesting change of a painting’s direction – my then 12 year old daughter spray painted this backdrop for me with the only guidance that it be in black/blue hues. When she had finished with it, it had a melancholy Gothic air. We discussed what could then happen to it – I wanted red poppy […]