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Daily Archives: September 9, 2019

Underwater Inferno – A Blaze Of Colourful Love!

Underwater Inferno – A Blaze Of Colourful Love! The blessing of an underwater marriage conducted by a turtle with flames of love had links to the Elvis songs, Burning Love and Viva Las Vegas because of the idea of a marriage ceremony. This made me think of the wedding chapel in Las Vegas and then […]


Sweet Life!

Sweet Life! 70 x 50 cm acrylic paint & spray completed 16.04.17 This painting is my interpretation of a friend’s photo of Shreelatha and her family on the beach in India. It is similar in look to another painting which I have done called Happiness, I know, but the photo is a very happy one. […]


Om – Gods and Vahanas

Inspired by a friend’s painting of the Hindu Trinity, which I have long been fascinated by and said I would do a version of it at some point. Well, I finally have and learnt a lot more about Hinduism along the way. I wanted to do the three Gods, Vishnu, the Preserver, Shiva, the Destroyer […]